What is Jacquard Fabric?

Jacquard woven fabric is produced on a special weaving loom fitted with a jacquard patterning mechanism, it can produce a waffle weave effect and other thick and three-dimensional textures. The weave is named after the Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard who invented…

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How to Keep Suede Clean

Suede is more supple and flexible than leatherette, but the wearer pays a price. Suede might gets dirtier faster and not easy to clean. It also stains easily; even water stains it, so suedes are not appropriate for exceedingly wet…

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Buying Your First Toolset

Choosing what to purchase for your first tool set is like choosing what college to go to, which subject to major in, or which woman to marry—whether you like it or not, the decision will have life-changing consequences. Your first… Read More
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