BRAUM 48-51” Universal Harness Bar

48-51” Universal Harness Bar

Parts Inventory:
(1) Main Harness Bar
(2) Struts
(2) Rod Ends, CM-7 (2)
(2) Rod Ends, CB-6 (2)
(2) Nuts, Jam, 3/8-24 LH (2)
(2) Nuts, Jam, 7/16-20 (2)
(2) Bolts, 3/8-24 x 1-1/4” (2)
(2) Bolts, 7/16-20 x 1-3/4” (2)
(4) Washers, 7/16” (4)
(2) Washers, 3/8” (2)
(2) Nuts, Nyloc, 3/8-24 (2)

Note: The pictures display no finish on the harness bar. The harness bar comes in a
standard finish of a textured satin black.
1. Remove both seats.
2. Pull the sides of the carpet up so you reveal the two bolts of the seat belt mount.
3. Remove the right and left interior panel that surrounds the rear quarter glass.
4. Remove the 7/16 bolt that holds on the seat belt slider rail on both sides.
5. Take the main harness bar, with the seat belt guards on the top side, and slide the plate underneath the seat belt slider rails so the harness bar plates will be in between the body and slider.
6. Install the factory 7/16 bolts back in and leave them finger tight.
7. Remove the rear bolt of the factory seat belt mount on both sides.
8. Lay the carpet back over and cut a hole approximately where the hole is located
on both sides.
9. Reinstall the carpet on both sides
10. Assemble the struts by first threading on a jam nut on the respective rod end.
Then thread the rod end in the strut. (Note: one side the strut is a 3/8 LEFT
HAND thread and the other side is a 7/16 RIGHT HAND thread)
11. Take the 7/16 bolt and (2) 7/16 washers supplied with the kit. With the bolt in
hand, put on the factory lock washer first, a 7/16 washer, the 7/16 rod end with
the strut attached, another 7/16 washer, then thread the bolt into the body where
the initial bolt was removed and tighten. Repeat for other side. (Note: the
picture is showing the carpet still pulled back; make sure you thread the bolt in
after the carpet is reinstalled.)
12. Now attach the 3/8 side of the strut accordingly. With the bolt, slide a washer on,
put the bolt through the rod end, then slide the bolt through the tab on the flat
side, then finally install the nut and tighten.
13. Adjust the harness bar by rotating the strut. Once in position, tighten all four jam
14. Now tighten the 7/16 bolts on the plates.
15. You will have to trim the interior panels for clearance before reinstalling them.
16. Reinstall the seats.
Your installation is complete!

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